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News Welcome on the Interactive Atlas of the Greater flamingos
10.03.2014 - Christophe Germain

20.02.2013 - Christophe Germain

07.12.2011 - Christophe Germain

14.12.2010 - Christophe Germain

25.02.2010 - Christophe Germain

The Flamingo Atlas is a collaborative platform for information exchange and transfer about the flamingo population of the Mediterranean and West Africa.

Flamingos live in wetlands that are threatened by industrial, agricultural and tourist development. They are a flagship species for the conservation of these rich and unique ecosystems.

The Flamingo Atlas is both a technical exchange platform for the Flamingo Network and a privileged access to the most recent biological data of interest (distribution range, counts) which could be useful to decision makers.

To help us with this project, you can become the
supporter of a banded flamingo.

 • Generalities
Species description
The Greater Flamingo Network
Charter for the use of data
 • Counts
Breeding period
Other periods
 • Breeding
Breeding sites
Number of breeders
Number of chicks
 • Banding
 • You read a band ?
 • Services
 • Downloads
Summary of bands used
Flamingo Specialist Group Newsletters
 • Integrate this project
 • Photographs
The new observation tower of the Fangassier, 2008, France
2008 banding, Camargue, S. Hilaire
2008 banding, Camargue, J.E. Roch
2009 banding, Camargue
2010 banding, Camargue
2011 banding, Camargue
2012 banding, Camargue
2013 banding, Camargue
Supporting Flamingos
The programme
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